The Pain Caused By “Ghosting”

John Disney
3 min readFeb 25, 2022

Suggestions on the Subject of “Ghosting”

Modern-day “Ghosting” is the act of avoiding, ignoring, or disappearing from someone trying to contact you. The reason why most people “Ghost” others is they don’t want to face having to reject them, or they (person that disappears) believe themselves to be more important than some, and therefore place low emphasis on communication with the ‘lesser important’ person. This happens many times in both business and love relationships when voice messages, texts, and emails are ignored and/or deleted without a reply.

In a few cases, I feel there is an exception to “Ghosting” someone. Particularly in cases of a total stranger trying to sell themselves or their goods/services to you, which you perceive as having little to no value. Although it may be justified, in my opinion the best and most noble way to handle it is with a short ‘not interested’ reply. Think of what the Lord would do if you may. Better yet, answer the phone or email (or even face to face) with something like this: “Thank you so much for the invitation, but I’m just not ready for this right now.” You will be respected for your courage, and the recipient will not feel much pain from this type of mild rejection.

As in every other important life topic that I write about in my books, you have to always keep in mind the ancient truths of all physical and spiritual laws, such as…Cause & Effect, Karma and Sowing/Reaping. Remember that the vast majority of people living in this world are not stupid, and they will know you are deliberately avoiding and ignoring them. You have to understand that when you Ghost someone, especially a person you know, you are actually yelling “I reject you” to them. I must tell you through experience, that out of all the negative messages a man (or woman) will experience, rejection hurts the deepest and burns the most. It indeed causes emotional scars. Think of a time you were rejected in a relationship, at work, or even at play when you were a child. Maybe this will help you show empathy next time you are considering the notion of Ghosting.

Remember that when you ignore or reject (electronically or otherwise) someone, this leaves the impression that you, [the “Ghoster”] are a person that is disingenuous, deceitful, impolite, or arrogant. You never know when you could bump into the person that you so impolitely ignored. They may end up standing behind you at a department store check-out line, which will make for a very uncomfortable encounter. In a worst-case scenario, the recipient of your smug rejections will find a way to exact retribution upon you. Never forget the wisdom that says: whenever you think about yourself, you should also think about others.

— Be noble, be courageous and reply to those people that are trying to reach you, even if it’s a simple text that says, “no thank you.” Because someday, when you need to reach someone else in a life-or-death situation, they may abruptly “Ghost” you because of a returned Bad Karma, and of course, Cause & Effect Laws.

John Disney

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