Russia Invades Ukraine — Stock Crash Pending

John Disney
5 min readFeb 20, 2022

Vlady Putin’s Russia is beating the War Drums

Although I’ve prayed about being one of God’s modern-day prophets, He has yet to grant me that petition. One thing that I am however, is an avid researcher and historian of the financial markets (among other things). In my previous article surrounding this topic, it appears that I/we made a prediction that is coming to fruition. I mentioned in “Russia & Inflation: Final Straws to Crash”, that “In no way” has Vlady placed over 135K soldiers on the Ukrainian border for giggles, nor does he care about our threat of severe economic sanctions. Our current “Administration” can talk about “Diplomatic Solutions” until they are blue in the face, but I’ll tell you (if you research the history books) that with Communist Dictators, diplomacy rarely works. It's like trying to negotiate with a terrorist, …it usually ends up in death and destruction.

As of Sunday 2/20/2022, it appears the first shots “shelling” have already been fired on a border skirmish involving supposed “Russian Separatists.” In my opinion, these Separatists are not acting as a disjointed group from the Putin regime, but in concert with Valdy P’s wishes. The “War Drills” and live ammunition practice that Putin is conducting in Belarus today, is a sign that he is not withdrawing and deescalating the upcoming invasion, but the exact opposite. Currently the number of estimated troops along all Ukrainian borders (Russia, Crimea & Belarus) is estimated to exceed 155,000.

With the war drums beating in Russia and Eastern Europe, I’d venture to say things are not going to bide well for the Biden’s stock market. This impending war is going to be the straw that indeed broke the Camel’s Back (Financial Market’s Back). Again, it was never a question of “if” Russia invaded, it was rather “when”, and that when is about right “now.” Russia may have already posted propaganda on their closed-circuit national television that ‘Ukraine has begun aggressive fire’ — so Putin has the false narrative to continue with breaking through the border and rolling war tanks into “Kyiv.”

What should you do with your investment account? …is what you might be thinking. Some confused investment brokers will tell you to “Buy into the War”, and others (fearful advisors) will tell you to “Do nothing and Stay

John Disney

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