Prophesy of Earth’s Final Days

John Disney
8 min readMay 2

Mysterious Links to Virus, Technology & War

I’d like to start off by saying, when you have 4 to 5 historical prophets, mathematicians, physicists, and biblical scholars that all predict the same thing, it's high time to take note and pay careful attention. Please spend the time to research the names that I will mention in this somewhat long article and see how their predictions are all intertwined and overlapped into a common theme. I have taken the time and done much of the legwork in the arduous task of getting to the bottom (of several hidden meanings and codes) from these great historical prognosticators. The interesting point is that 3 of the 5 were not necessarily full-time prophets or prognosticators of future events. In fact, they stumbled upon their predictions of future events by studying inventions, astrophysics, mathematics or just the Bible. What you are about to read is taken directly from the greatest minds in the realm of prophecy regarding Earth’s demise. I’ve compiled interconnected predictions of Earth’s final days from Nostradamus, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Martin Rees, Sir Robert Anderson, and even the visionary John Disney. All of whom predict about the same thing…so take careful note. One of the least popular methods of prediction about the future relates to bible prophesy. Because most of the world today does not consist of bible-based believers or faithful followers of Jesus or God, I will save this area of future prophesy for last. That said, if you’d be so kind as to follow the biblical codes (at the end of this article), you will see how closely they connect to the other prophesies by Nostradamus, Martin Rees and Isaac Newton.

In this first section, I am going to group together the prophesies, predictions and visions of Sir Martin Rees (Living Scientist-Cosmologist-Astrophysicist), Nostradamus (1503–1566) and John Disney II (Living Researcher-Economist-Analyst). Because of how these experts predict very similar global catastrophes, many say the two that are living (Rees & Disney) simply translated Nostradamus’ French writings into modern English. You can do your own research but let me dispel this theory by saying it’s a far stretch to come to this conclusion. It is also extremely hard to twist the “Quatrains” of Nostradamus to fit modern times, and if attempted…the result would sound like nonsensical gibberish. For

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