Avoid These Women Immediately!

John Disney
7 min readJan 28

The Types of Women (or Men) That Destroy Relationships

I started writing this article with a one-sided viewpoint as a continuation of “How to get a Gorgeous Babe”, for male (only) readers. Being that I’ve recently experienced a break-up with my fiancé of over 3 years, I began researching warning signs in relationships to help men. Although much of what I cover in this article relates to attitudes, attributes and warning signs that guys need to watch out for, it actually works both ways. Therefore ladies, you may want to read this if you are in a rough spot and worried about the love relationship you are having with your man. Additionally, if you have a small business …much of this article will apply to you as well. Many of you will agree with me that a business partnership is much akin to a marriage. Let me tell you, there is no shortage of information out there on this subject, but I’ve done a lot of work and research for you, so read on if you dare.

Below I’ll give you about 25 bullet points to consider and ponder on your own. Each one will have a brief explanation, but if you are somewhat intelligent…it will be easy to draw your own conclusions as they relate to your particular situation. Each point will state a fact but may also pose a key question for you. I hope you enjoy this, and please pass it along if you think it will help someone else.

  1. She (or he) is very demanding, or they expect too much too soon. They may pressure you into buying a big-ticket item or marriage proposal very quickly.
  2. She (he) is overly secretive. You always see them hiding their cell phone texting, contact lists, and/or they just seem “shifty.”
  3. They are consistently being overly possessive or jealous. Are you always being watched and scrutinized when you are on the phone with a friend or family member? Do they immediately interrogate you when you come home from work, even asking for hourly updates on your whereabouts? When you go out with her or him, the evening ends up with you being accused of trying to find someone to cheat with.
  4. They just do not respect your friends and family. They always have some form of criticism about “your people.” As an example, if you are Chinese or Mexican, they will joke or insult that particular ethnicity.
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